Thursday, June 5, 2008

Front porch at the cabin......Happy 17th Birthday to Erin and Elisabeth

Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses is `having a porch party today and has links on her blog to all those who wish to share their porches...and it's Rhondi's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

These are pictures of our cabin porch in the mountains......when all fourteen of our family are here together we make many memories.....we have a few more rocking chairs inside the cabin and red printed cushions for each. Adults usually claim one before the children can.... Their are two openings at the steps and lattice gates that slip down into each opening. It has been like a big play pen for all eight grandchildren....a kiddie pool is placed on the deck end for the toddlers while the older ones play in the creek in front of the cabin........

Today should be declared a National's Erin and Elisabeth's 17th birthday.....seems like yesterday that the twins were tiny yet so perfect......what a blessing they've been to us....'the girls' as they are always referred to and I are going out for lunch and a shopping trip. What more could a grandmother or in my case, a Mam, ask for? If you have time, please drop by their blogs to wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Friend Betty.....

What joy!!! To see your pictures that hold such dear sweet memories of just a few days ago when we sat with you and Edward on this very porch at your cabin in the mountains..... That first morning John and I sat in your rocking chairs at 4 am, watching the dawn break and listening to the chorus of birdsong..... Such a memorable time that will stay in our hearts for ever.

Happy birthday to Dear Erin & Elizabeth enjoy your morning birthday shopping with Mam... I’ve left you a special greeting on your blogs under your last postings.

Happy birthday to Rhondi too..... I’m just on over to check out your blog.

Joy and blessings to all on this day. Marion

Heidi said...

Hello Betty! Welcome back. I missed you but am so glad you were able to spend time with Marion.

Happy birthday to you two beautiful granddaughters, Elisabeth and Erin!

What a fun place to sit and rock. I love rocking on a rocking chair. It must be such a wonderful retreat to have a cabin like this.

Hugs ~

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughters!

I LOVE your porch!! Just beautiful and all the rocking chairs! How fun is that? Thank you so much for sharing with us!


Dana said...

What a beautiful retreat your cabin in the woods appears to be! How terrific that would be to plant oneself in one of those terrifc chairs and rock away the afternoon! Love, love, love your spot.

Cathy said...

Your cabin looks so nice ~ what a blessing. Happy Birthday to your pretty sweet girls.

Gloria said...

I love your picturees and your porch ! so nice, and really love your granddaughters! are beautiful, I have twins too!!! A men and a woman, they have 13 (are my childs) I adopted them 13 years ago, they have birthday to soon in June 13! are my joy and my hope. Glad to know you!...Gloria


I love the looks of your cabin. Just right for a loving family. I know the memories are many and precious.

Happy birthday to Erin and Elisabeth. Beautiful seventeen year olds with their lives before them. May God bless them their whole life thought. connie from Texas

hautemommy said...

Your granddaughters are gorgeous! :) And so is your front porch! Wow, what I wouldnt give to have a cabin like that! so cozy and charming!!! :) xo!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Betty!

Wow! Now that is one GREAT porch! How blessed you are to have a cabin in the mountains! Just lovely! Don't ya love Front Porch Day?! So fun! Nice visiting with you!


Betty said...

Happy Birthday to the twins, Elizabeth and Erin. Erin did a nice job designing your header. Very nice. I love the porch to your cabin in the mountains. I'll bet it is so peaceful there. It looks like there are a lot of trees around. Oh, how nice you got to meet and visit with your blogging friend and her husband.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Your cabin looks great!! wow!! I hope that your twin granddaughters have a great day with Mam and also a wonderful birthday!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT A HOMEY AND WELCOMING PORCH.Would love to rock on it.

Rue said...

Hi Betty :)

Happy Birthday to your granddaughters!!

Your cabin porch is wonderful! I've always wanted a cabin :)

Have a beautiful evening,

Anonymous said...

Your cabin porch looks like such a wonderful family gathering place.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Kathy b

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Betty, Your cabin's porch is simple incredible!!!...and those rocking chairs!!! So amazing!...I will be back!...Heidi :)

Beverly said...

I adore your porch and those yellow rockers are priceless.

Happy birthday to your two beautiful girls.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I love that long line of rocking chairs! I can just see them with the red print cusions. The setting is really beautiful also! Must be wonderful to have a cabin!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Betty , well I finally found you again. You see , I read your lovely blog once and then I couldn't remember the name of it or how I got there. I was lost in blogland ! I am so glad you showed us your pretty porch and I found you again! I will put you in my blog list on my blog so I want loose you again. :0) ;0)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Betty, Happy Birthday to your beautiful twin grand-daughters! I love the porch of your cabin. I bet there are many wonderful memories created here.
Hugs, Terrie

Linda said...

I love your cabin porch and all the wonderful rocking chairs...what fun.
Love the airport pictures of you, Marion and John and look forward to hearing more of their visit. How great to finally meet.
Happy Birthday to your darling grand-daughters.
Hugs, Linda

Rhondi said...

Hi Betty
What a wonderful porch and a great place to make memories. Thank you for joining the porch party and for all your sweet comments you always leave me. The twins are beautiful. We have twin grandsons, aged 2.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a fabulous gettaway porch!
A very happy birthday greeting to the twins. How special to be able to share your bithday with your twin sister!