Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vase of Pictures.....

Sometimes we won't take the time to drag out albums to peruse so I've taken a mixture of old and new pictures, placed them in a pretty flower pot, and set them on a side table in the den.  Family and friends enjoy looking at them.

They can be changed often....

Our friends from Wales, Marion and John and members of their congregation
( Marion in black/red jacket-John in back of her)

Amy's wedding picture----postcard from Egypt from Joules (Marion's daughter)

New Daddy, Edward, with unhappy daughter Melinda...I have one of Amy in the same unhappy pose......
My Daddy, two brothers, two sisters and a double first cousin...I came along many years later.
Wouldn't that be a valuable car today???


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Friend Betty..... How lovely to stop by and see your collection of pictures. Thank you for including John and me alongside your family.... and the card from Joules too. I must tell her, she will be thrilled!

You are so right about our picture albums and all the memories they contain being stored away out of sight... to be glanced at only occasionally.

One rainy day years ago, when grandchildren Laura and Ashley were staying with us, we had a fun time creating a montage of photographs.... cutting around individuals or items we wanted to include, we pasted them into an large old picture frame.... the glass protects the pictures and it has hung in our hallway for a number of years now. Many times I linger as I pass by and recall memories these photographs evoke. Of course as the years pass by more more people come into our lives, so I'm thinking I should be creating another one.

Have a blessed weekend. Marion

Barbara said...

What a neat idea. I spy your younger self on one of them.