Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Signs of fall around our home...

A few signs of fall around our
home...cooler weather, the farm machinery humming around the country side, the white cotton fields ready for harvesting, peanuts plowed up waiting to be picked for lots of my favorite food...crunchy peanut butter!

BTW...I've known for sometime that someone is following me and you can see that someone in the third picture down.  She steps on the scales behind me when I weigh adding additional pounds...she saps my energy when I'm not paying attention and many other things I'm sure she's responsible you have such a person in your home?

Happy Fall YALL!   GOD BLESS!


Barbara said...

Not sure!!

I remember your seasonal decorating from previous years. Where do you find the time Betty?

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love that little stand on the porch with the pots and stuff. Thank you for the kind comment about my folks. I couldn't reply to your comment because you're a "no reply blogger."