Monday, March 5, 2012


If when Christmas shopping, you see a display of Christmas stockings priced at $3.00 a pair and a salesperson says, "if you buy 10 pair then they're a dollar each."  In a female's DNA is the thrifting gene so that automatically kicks in. The next problem is who will you give 10 pair and white striped ones just seem to jump in my hands...Lucy, the Princess, in her Mama's lap, is a little upset that she didn't get a pair!  Sorry Lucy!

Immediately, two daughters come to mind, then three granddaughters, and of course me.  Another pair goes into the gift box going to Wales to our dear friend Marion. So now we're international! I don't think John would care for a pair.

It's always a good idea to have some in reserve.....


Steve Finnell said...

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Grammy Goodwill said...

hahaha - love this.

HossBoss said...

Love it!

: )

Barbara said...

How funny.
You would never have to re-introduce yourself Betty. You come to mind when I am thinking of blogger friends. Having visited a number of times and finding you had not posted I have not visited in a while.
Do hope you are all well.
Oliver will be 6 in July and Rebekah 3 on Sunday. Time does fly.
Nice photo of you with the family. Are you in an antique shop or is that the room you did not too long ago.!

Masha said...

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