Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Royal my dining room

An overall view of 'The Royal Collection'...and Aunt Betty's tea set on the second can read about the story of the tea set  here....(see list on side bar)

My dear, dear English friend, Marion, who lives in Wales, has
sent so many, many beautiful English mementoes.  Including, an exquisite cup and plate depicting Prince William's and the Duchess of Cambridge's marriage, a red call (phone) box, letter box...
the English flag on the left and the Welsh flag on the right.

A red double decker bus...the plate to the left is from Marion's own collection... of Queen Elisabeth and also from her collection a cup that depicts the Coronation of King George in 1937.

Julia, Marion's daughter, graciously gifted me with a black, London cab...the cup showing Princess Di was purchased in a thrift store many years ago when happy times prevailed.  Prince Charles is on one side and Princess Di on the other.

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