Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful display! Love the plate and the gorgeous colors. I thought of my blessings throughout the day and feel great gratitude to my Heavenly Father. Hope you had a lovely day Betty. I check back often to see if you have posted.
Catt in KY

Betty said...

Catt in KY,
Thank you for your kind comments. It means so much to me to know that someone enjoys reading my feeble, infrequent posts. In years past I was faithful in posting weekly or more but I've become neglectful I'm sorry to say.

God Bless....Betty

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Sweet Sister... What a lovely surprise to find you've posted. I know... I too have become very neglectful of my blog these days.

I have already sent you 'Thanksgiving Day Greetings', but what better place than your blog to record my eternal thanks for our 'meeting'... remembering that it was our blogs that brought us together to share a special and precious sistership in Christ.
Love you - Marion