Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hopping down the bunny trail..........

A sweet, dear, crafty friend Jeanette made these fabric eggs several years ago. Each one has beautiful colors........

These look good enough to eat but they aren't real chocolate.

I like bunnies and don't think you can have too many......We have two concrete sitting bunnies in our yard... along with small ones here and there peeking out of shrubbery and flowers.....and we have real ones come to visit from time to time. I think they think Mr. McGregor lives here.

A couple of weeks ago when I was visiting my daughter and family, I attended church with them. The minister called the little children down to the front for Children's Church. He had a brown pasteboard box. He said, " when I show you what's in the box more children will probably want to come down." Opening it, he took out a beautiful brown, fat rabbit. "This is our ten year old family pet. Immediately other children came down. Holding it under his arm he asked, "Is this what Easter's all about?" One little fellow answered, "Yes sir." He quickly went on to tell why we celebrate Easter.
Can you imagine going to the Garden of Gethsemane in the early morning hours with the ladies on that first day of the week, possibly there was dew on the grass as they walked wondering how in the world can we possibly roll back the huge stone that blocked the entrance to the tomb. Arriving at there, seeing the stone rolled back, the empty tomb and the angel declaring, "He is not here, He is risen!" They must have looked at one another in shock and disbelief at what they were hearing. That statement has rung down through the ages and will til the end of time.
What do bunnies and Easter have in common? Nothing..... I like them year round just like I love the birds, puppies, kitties and other animals.....because they are a part of God's creation.As to Easter eggs, the baby chick coming forth out of the broken shell could represent Jesus coming forth out of the grave I suppose.....Our little ones enjoy hunting eggs at Easter but they enjoy hunting them in August or any other time, too.
Let us not forget the real meaning of Easter...........
Edward appreciated each birthday comment that you left...Thank you......
Today is our son-by-love, Chad's (Amy's husband) birthday.


dot said...

What a beautiufl post! Sad but true that some children only know the Easter bunnie. I wonder how that ever got started.

I love your rabbit decorations, especially the "chocolate". I don't see a picture of Chad but I'll check back later.

Tracy said...

At our house, we do leave hide Easter baskets, dye eggs, and the like...but we never say that anything is from the Easter bunny. Or Santa Claus. Oh, we do let the children watch the TV specials, too, but they know they are "just a story". So many think we are wrong for this, but my husband and I feel that it is good and right to be truthful with our children. It's not like we don't get in on the fun! I also think that this way has made it easier for my children to focus on the true meanings of the holidays, instead of the *magic*.

I love the centerpiece with all of the chocolate bunnies! I saw some the other day at Hallmark, and even up close they really looked edible!

Candy said...

Wow Betty!!!! What beautiful pictures (decorations) I LOVE it!!!
Great post too :)


Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Edward!!!
I think your bunnies are precious!
I like your chocolate bunnies, too, as they do look good enough to eat.
Have a blessed Easter!

Naturegirl said...

Happy birthday to handsome Chad!
I love the brown bunnies I did think they were choc. treats...I almost dove into the screen! I like that you reminded us of the True meaning of Easter!
P.S. My mom is doing just more crisis and Easter is her favorite celebration.Continue prayers.Wishing you a blessed Easter
hugs NG

Rhoda said...

Very sweet post, Betty...and a great reminder of what Easter is all about. I don't see a problem with hunting eggs & Easter bunnies either...just have to keep it all in perspective. Love that large egg centerpiece with all the faux chocolate bunnies around it (bet you wish it was real chocolate!) :)

Southern Hospitality

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Love the eggs made by your friend and your sweet bunnies!


Chad, We hope you have a very happy birthday.God bless you.

Betty, when my grandchildren were younger, I know they would have checked to make sure those were not chocolate Easter bunnies. lol. I had fruit that was not real once and some of them did their very best to eat it. It was so cute. connie from Texas

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Mmmm, those chocolate bunnies DO look good enough to eat!

Happy Birthday to Chad, and a belated Happy Birthday to Edward too.


Carolanne said...

Not real chocolate!!???! It did look good enough to eat.

Easter Sunday is my favourite day of the year because we get to celebrate a risen Saviour!

cityfarmer said... southern girl, you....I started cooking today so's that I can worship this weekend and not have to think about all that has to be done....beat all the crowds and shopped yesterday....such a relief...Our Lord gets the back seat on these poignant holy days...bought unleavened bread for us to have communion at the brunch table...common union~~ broken down.

have a blessed weekend, you little southern belle!!

Rhoda said...

Betty, I have tagged you on my blog for the Thinking Blogger're a sweet lady & a lot of folks are inspired by your posts.

Southern Hospitality

weirdbunny said...

YOur Easter decorations are fantastic !!! Those bunnies are brilliant (the chocolate looking ones.) I've never seen anything like them before.

PEA said...

Oh how I love your Easter eggs and bunnies...I had seen those bunnies in a shop last week and couldn't believe how much like real chocolate they looked like!! We all need to be reminded what Easter really is all about once in a while...after all, HE is the reason why we even have Easter:-) Happy Birthday to Chad!! xox

Christie Belle said...

I love bunnies! They are so cute and springtime-ish! I love all your sweet decorations:)