Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meeting new friends.....thinking blogger award.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. To me, I'm not slighting anyone's blog. I read many, many as often as I can and have learned so much from them. Everyone's thoughts, memories and experiences are important and deserve respect.

By nominating other blogs and then they pass it on, I have numerous others to glean from now that I didn't know about previously. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to five as there are so many that I enjoy. I can't list everyone on my blog list that I read, but I certainly hope people understand that. I'm not listed, I'm sure, on many either, but if I read and learn from your postings then it doesn't matter to me. I'll visit with you often and leave a comment if possible (sometimes blogger comment doesn't co-operate!). You are my friends and will continue to be.

This is the first time I've been nominated for anything and I appreciate Rhoda thinking of me.



There again, I had never been nominated for anything before either and I was so amazed that Pen from Jen gave me the award. I did have a very difficult time choosing and I did thing about the feelings of others but I knew it my heart that each blog I read, I have recieved somethings very important to me and I am thankful for the new friends that I have made but if I did think that what I did caused hurt to someone I would rather not accepted the award even though I was very grateful to have recieved it.. connie from Texas

RoseMary said...

You deserve it Betty. You tell some of the most amazing stories! Thanks for always brightening my day with your posts! And, I'm glad you mentioned Blogger not cooperating--I have that trouble too, sometimes.

Tina Leigh said...

Betty blogging can be stressful if you let it but I think you have the right attitude about it. You dont see too many men blogging which makes me wonder...is this mostly a woman thing...if so...that leads me to believe that we women tend to make everything a competition. Not on purpose mind you...but sometimes it just happens. You are doing a fine job. I too love your blog & I have learned alot about folks & the areas they are from. Oh I couldn't ever get that link to work for me but Mama sent me some info on that girl! That is unreal!! BLOG ON SISTER!!

PEA said...

When that award was passed on to me by a couple other blogging friends, I had a really hard time just choosing 5 people to pass it on to...I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings if their names weren't chosen!! You all mean the world to me and I would never hurt anyone on purpose. So, I can understand how you feel!! You do a great job blogging and visiting when you can:-) xoxo

Rhoda said...

It is hard to choose! I'm still very new to blogging, but am having a lot of fun with it. I can't believe all the nice ladies I've met in just 2 short months...and it's been a pleasure to meet you, Betty. We all have limited time to check in & I just do the best I can too!

Southern Hospitality

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Congrats to you!! I can understand where you are coming from...but I would not worry about that!! This is just something that happens in the blogging world. I am not upset and would not be if I were not nominated!! It is just a fun thing and that is the way that I look at it...FUN!! I am very happy for you!!

dot said...

Betty, I thought I had left a comment on here but guess I didn't. I love your blog and I think you deserve the award.

cityfarmer said...

This is truly special...as are you my southern belle..girlfriend...ma'am....and so on and so forth...I love all of our visits.

Blesings to you...

last summer I posted a blog called "I Call her Cowgirl, she calls me Friend..." if you can find it in my archives from last summer you will be touched.
July or August, I'm not sure

Susie said...

I know that many of us read so many blogs and it's difficult to nominate each friend each time. Really good blogging friends truly understand. A meme is just a fun thing to do. You do a great job blogging, visiting and commenting Betty!

Candy said...

Betty, first I have to thank you again for thinking of me and giving my blog (not me--my blog) an award :)
I had a real hard time with picking 5. They person who made it should have said we could give it to all the blogs that impact us. That would have made it MUCH easier :)
I think you are the best whether I got a blog award or not.
Lots of love,
your friend

Carolanne said...

It is difficult to choose only 5 so fortunately someone chose my other blogsite and I got to choose 10 altogether. But I think it's difficult to give awards because it's subjective. We read blogs that impact us in some way otherwise we wouldn't keep going back!

But like Sandy said, it's meant to be a fun thing and it's given us all ideas of who else we can visit. My favourite blog list keeps getting longer and sometimes I just drop in for a visit and move on. I have to draw the line somewhere. :)

Tina Leigh, there are a lot of men out there blogging too and some of them have got the thinking blogger award. I like the variety of styles that the blogging community have. We're all different ages, interests and have perhaps a different way of looking at life. We can all learn from each other and it is good to find new friends in this community!