Sunday, March 4, 2007


RoseMary tagged me to give five reasons why I enjoy blogging.

I . I am better able to commit words to paper than to verbalize.

2. I have never flown in a plane (or any other way either). In my husband's secular job, he flew occasionally but I always chickened out at the last minute. Blogland allows me to travel all over the world and visit places I've always wanted to visit. I would love to see Wales and my friends Marion, John and George, Scotland (my husband's relatives came from there) and Horizon and other places. Perhaps one day I'll hop on "the big bird" and fly off into the wild blue yonder).

3. I've made so many new friends since January 19th. To many people, this would seem perhaps a little weird, but I do consider them friends. We may never meet face to face, but I think we've met heart to heart and I appreciate what I've found there.

4 I've learned about new customs and holidays that I didn't know about. Pea enlightened me about holidays in Canada that I wasn't aware of. Weirdbunny and Marion educated me about St. David's Day and the daffodil being Wales' national flower and the leek the country's national emblem.

5. I've been exposed to beautiful handiwork made by Anita, Carol, Marion, and so many other ladies. Sigrun's garden, Maria J.'s garden and many other gardens that I am so looking forward to this spring that will burst forth in beautiful bloom. So much of God's beautiful creation waiting to be admired.....

6, This one is thrown in extra at no cost! Maybe it should have been first. I've learned that when one of us is in trouble and heavy hearted that all of you are so willing and eager to remember us in your prayers, as was the case with our grandson Drew. Your faith strengthens my faith so we each benefit.

Now, there are my answers to the "Blogging Meme." I tag my daughter, Amy (Picket Fence Mom) and Marion at Reflection of the Seasons to tell 5 reasons they like to blog!


Naturegirl said...

Absolutely I agree with much of what you said about meeting and sharing and getting encouragement from our wonderful family within the blog community! Since I have been blogging I have unleashed much that is in my heart to a community of understanding spirits! You don't fly..I am so happy that I have blogged about my daily Florida journey! hugs NG


I certainly agree with your #6. I, too, have found that to be true. I also consider the bloggers I have met as my friends. Connie from Texas

weirdbunny said...

YOu know when I tell people about a gift that a blogger have sent me etc.. I always refer to them as friends. The my son always say's they aren't your friends but people on the internet. Then people look at me really weird .. lol !

PEA said...

Yes, it is truly amazing this circle of friends we've found through blogging...I don't know what I ever did before I found all of you! Never have I met such caring, generous, loving people in my life!! I won't fly either and because of that, I'll miss my son's wedding next month in Mexico:-( It's really breaking my heart since he's my firstborn and first to be getting married...I'll be needing all of you to comfort me on April 25th! lol xoxo

Karen said...

I also enjoy "traveling". It is truly a sisterhood we have here, and I've felt it abundantly the past few days.
Thank you for your prayers, Betty.

Tammy said...

As I said yesterday in my blog I have 52 plus reasons to blog...I never thought I would make such good friendships through this medium...and I have to tell you spring and summer are the prettiest times for all the flowers and such...if you love flowers Blogland is THE place to be!!

RoseMary said...

Great reasons. Thanks so much for taking the challenge and sharing with us. I consider all these 'new' people to my life friends, too!

HORIZON said...

Great meme :)
l agree with the joy of meeting new friends and learning about new places around the world. Funny thing is - so many of us are alike- we are drawn to each other through our similarities. It is also a creative outlet to use the medium of writing.
Bests and great post!