Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Visit Beth's Bountiful Blessings for her 100th Post Give-Away

You need to head over to Beth's Bountiful Blessings for her 100th Post Give-Away. She has some really nice prizes, plus you'll enjoy her blog! So do check it out.


dot said...

Betty thanks for your nice comments on my blog and for the encouragement you have given me. You are a special lady! Now if you can just teach me how to do the linky think lol!

cityfarmer said...

Missing our chats...yes I'd love the honor of your sidebar.

Tracy said...

Your blog is so warm feeling. I would love to be linked to your site.

Moobear said...

Hi Betty,
I would be honored to be linked to your blog as I enjoy it so much. Also, may I add you to my blog? If anyone would like to know how to add a link to sidebar or how to show link by title vs address, please feel free to email me a
chbunting @ carolina dot rr dot com.
That's what friends are for. Hope you have a great day Betty!

weirdbunny said...

Freedom chicken rights, hor- rah !! How lovely to see chickens roaming the area. I bet they do eat a lot of flowers though, and chicken poo on your shoes is not good really ! However chickens have rights too!