Sunday, October 14, 2007

If You Think A Letter In The Alphabet Isn't on.......

Note: Please visit Luke, seven years old...victim of Leukemia, who has requested 500 prayers.
.thank you Penless Writer for bringing Luke to my attention........

This actually happened to me back in August......Betty

If you think a letter of the alphabet isn’t important---read on……..

We have a professional clown in our congregation named Tracey (name changed) also known as Janet…(name changed)….

We recently had a wedding at our church for a lovely young couple with a reception held in a Community House. Three other ladies and I coordinated the reception d├ęcor. Janet added wonderful touches with balloons galore….in arrangements and a canopy of balloons on the ceiling……

The night of the wedding I made lots of pictures of the decorations, of Janet and her family. I told her I would email them to her and she said fine.

Not having her email address, my husband, the church pastor, supplied me the address, Tracy…address…….. The next week I sent them to her. I sent one more email that I thought she would appreciate….The next day I received my email forwarded back asking me to remove her from my distribution list….there was my name and email address on it. I was completely shocked…..but I replied that I was sorry to have inconvenienced her by sending the wedding pictures and additional email and that I would delete her address from my address book.

The next day I received two emails…one was a message receipt request acknowledging that I had received the email and my forwarded email again addressed to me with my address…with a reply stating that she didn’t intend to offend me but she didn’t think we knew each other and how did I obtain her address.

Well, I had been in church with this lady for four years, sometimes sharing the same pew…I wondered what had come over her…..

I emailed her back that I was the pastor’s wife…..that he had given me her address. I once again apologized and assured her that I had deleted her address. This time I asked that a message receipt be returned to me…….I didn’t get another email nor the receipt and I decided she was too embarrassed to answer. I dreaded seeing her on Sunday, what would we say to each other?

Today, there were two more emails….a message receipt request and holding my breath I opened the second one….not knowing what to expect. Below is the message:

Somewhere along the line there’s been confusion. I’m not Janet so she probably hasn’t received any of the emails you’ve sent to…Tracy…..address……….If somehow she has the same email address I’d sure like to know that but I’ve been using this one for years and I’d be surprised.

My husband and I looked at one another in disbelief….as we checked her address everything was the same with the exception of one little tiny letter e that had been omitted when he sent me the address. That completely changed the entire address…..mystery solved. Bob is Tracy….the clown is Tracey, both have the same identical email address. If Bob had signed the first email this business could have been avoided. He only signed the last one Bob…..duh….

Well, in my last (hopefully) email to Bob I wrote:

Thank you for your response….to help figure out the puzzling puzzle.

The address I was given, inadvertently, had a typographical error changing the address to yours.

I thought that either she or I, one or the other, was losing our marbles…..we have been in church together for four years…….I’m so glad to have it straightened out before I see her tomorrow and look at her strangely…..

Sorry to have inconvenienced you. Thanks again for solving the mystery…..You are deleted….please delete me also.



dot said...

Wow Betty! That was confusing but funny! I bet the real Janet will just die laughing when she hears this.

Ruth said...

LOL! Too funny...since you were able to straighten this out BEFORE you saw her at church. =o)

Penless Thoughts said...

There has to be a very important spiritual lesson in this, too. How we can think we are so right about something and find out, even thought our motives and intentions were pure, we were so wrong.

It's also a funny story.

Barbara said...

From the first line I knew where you were going. I learnt my lesson once when I had all my E-mails to a cousin in France returned for about 9 months. I was convinced I had the right address - I did but for one letter.

Well Betty I would take some persuading, I have even cut right back on Christmas decorations in recent years. I tree is all I do now.

Susie said...

Great story and I'm sure one that will make us all think just a bit more carefully when emailing someone for the first time.
Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Hi Betty, just checking in to thank you for the cyberhymnal website - two other kind readers also gave that to me, and I did hear the hymn. I also left a remark about it on my blog. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Betty, that's a cute story! Yep, one little character will change the whole email address. Glad you got that one figured out.


RUTH said...

I'm glad it all got sorted out. I once replied to an email telling me that my blog was PETTY. It quite upset me when I read it and went to great pains to explain to the author my situation and that I used my blog as an outlet to show some of my garden etc etc and so didn't dwell on "deep" issues. The author replied with an apology. She had meant that my blog was PRETTY...what a difference that one letter made :o)
I'll drop by to Luke now

cityfarmer said...

WOW...I get to typing so fast that I forget to cross my t's and dot my i's....tooooo cute

missin ya

Rose Mary said...

That is hilarious--now that the mystery is solved, I mean! I can't imagine how you must have felt when all of this was going on! I'm glad that Bob straightened it out for you!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

How funny and how confusing this all was. Glad you sorted everything out though! Must have been a rather weird experience.

Littlepenpen said...

That is kind of funny, but I'm sure your heart was sick when you thought she didn't want your emails!