Friday, February 2, 2007

Another Wonderful Update!

Hi everyone,
This is Amy...again. Well folks, your prayers have made a difference. It looks as though Drew will be going HOME today! He's had a CT scan, a spinal tap, and EEG, and an MRI...and everything is NORMAL! They are meeting with an endocrinologist later today to discuss having Drew come back later to have blood tests to concentrate on the blood sugar factor. Since everything else is okay, this is apparently the next step.

But we are so happy, and our prayers have been answered. Yesterday, Drew was moved out into a room on the floor, given something to eat (no, not the cheeseburger and Reese's cup...yet), he took a shower, and he got to put on his own PJ's! My sister said the staff/nurses/doctors at Egleston have been fantastic, and they couldn't have asked for better care!

We are heading there later today, and we can't wait to see Drew. I know that God is still in the 'miracle business, and we do appreciate your concern, well-wishes and prayers! Thank you so very much!

I know Mama will post ASAP, but until then, I know how much she appreciates your kindness. So on her behalf as well....THANK YOU!

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